Finding some answers to this backwards world

When I created this blog I wrote an “About” page where that was all about questioning this reality.

In this exploration I have opened up a world that has been a frustration to me, has made me angry and at times quite fearful and has lead me to the conclusion that the world we live in is based around lies, lies at every level. To quote Michael Ellner:

“Doctors destroy health,
lawyers destroy justice,
psychiatrists destroy minds,
scientists destroy truth,
major media destroys information,
religions destroy spirituality and
governments destroy freedom.”

But what I have also come across during my explorations is that we create our reality through the beliefs and ideas we have, and the energy we give them, and the programs we automatically use when we live unconsciously. So what this says to me is that I have played a part in creating this world that I see, and in order for it to change, then I must change.

Well now I feel like I’m gaining greater clarity as to what is going on so I thought I would share some of my thoughts of recent times and where it lead me. Just over 3 weeks ago I wrote in a facebook group the following:

Woke up early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind started mulling over a conversation I was having on fb which then lead to the following.

It is somewhat an extension to a comment I made a couple of weeks ago in a thread relating to the collation of metadata and how free choice screws with it, and also related to what Lisa said in the last round table.

So it appears to me that the controllers of this construct have different scenarios in different areas (sub folders) already written out (like a master chess player). Let’s say we have scenario A. It will have a range of potential subplots that will be allowable to play out yet still end up with outcome A. Depending on how people respond, you gently nudge them (via the media, the Internet, subliminal programming, thought injection, etc) down a particular road which will ultimately lead to outcome A. As I said, scenario A will have a range of possibilities and to the people as they are playing it out, it may even look like free choice. But it is an illusion of free choice that still has us moving down a road that was already cut and paved for us. Now being the master chessmen that they are, when it moves slightly outside of the range of scenario A, you then might fall into say scenario D which will have its own range of possibilities. And so this plays out add infinitum, with new scenarios continually being written as each outcome is reached, with all leading to a predefined location.

But how can this be, couldn’t people just make choices that screw with what was planned? The answer is they can, yet many people are unaware that they are living in a construct let alone that they could change it.

So in order to control this game people need to be controllable in the sense that when you want to have a particular scenario play out, you want to know with a high degree of confidence, that people will respond in a certain way. That is why free will choice and making choices from ‘the gut’ throws a spanner in the works. To get around this, they have created a particular personality type that is continually molded, tweaked and perfected. This begins at an early age (and why they hate home schooling) and through vaccinations, food, water, schools, work, media, etc, they have slowly attempted to quash and ultimately destroy that unique spiritual spark that each of us are. This personality type that they are striving for hates to be seen to be wrong or look foolish, is vain, strives for perfection, wants to be liked, is very social (often in a shallow way), and many other characteristics which I’m sure you could come up with. Then throughout society and in particular via social media this personality type is continually massaged and reinforced. (There is an episode S3:E1-Nosedive in the Netflix series “Black Mirror” that depicts this brilliantly, where everyone rates their interactions with people and your social status is reflected in your continually changing rating.) So because it is such a created personality it then becomes predictable. Hence the use of metadata and predicting what people will do based on previous actions taken. Then when people begin to wake up and realise that they have choices, they begin to move away from the pre-defined personality type and begin to regain their own personality. They explore the world around them and question EVERYTHING they have ever been told or read. Often labeled “conspiracy theorists” these people are mocked, laughed at and often said to not be living in the ‘real world’, in an effort to push them back in the box.


I continued to stew over what I had written and then 2 weeks later I wrote this:

Some further thoughts. I was talking about a the personality type that is being nurtured which if it was encapsulated in one word it would be narcissistic.…/signs-of-narcissism… So there is something about the energy of this personality that the “scriptwriters” of this reality feed off. Another clue I had regarding was a fb post I read from someone who was ritualistically abused as a 2 year old. Here she explains how the resulting personality characteristics from being abused in that way was “As a self-defense mechanism another tougher personality with traits of sarcasm, derision, vanity, “hautiness” (old fashioned word I know), arrogance, narcissism…” Bronwyn speaks of the kundalini energy being used??? I’m not sure if its this or/and another energy that is created from a narcissistic personality???

Ok, another thought in relation to all this is the separation people now have from the idea of privacy. It feelings like many of the young adults of today have no real understanding of privacy or that it is even necessary. For me, that is one of the main reasons for the continual harassment of people exploring, for want of a better term, “the sovereignty movement”. I know that has been my main drive. I’ve wanted to be left alone to live my life they way I chose without continually being told what I can or can’t do. So it really is only those of us who have known what privacy is, that are left standing. Facebook has been the perfect tool to belt this out of people.

It really has been like the slow boiling frog. First you start with the innocent food photo, then the check-in to let you “friends” know where you are, the family squabbles that get played out after fb asks “What’s on your mind?” and everything in between. Now we have the “live-feed” being pushed by fb. Ultimately leading towards the episode S3:E1-Nosedive in the Netflix series “Black Mirror” where we have no self worth and our whole persona is created and moulded by others.

So now what does one do. Do we stand strong through the filter of love or do we stand strong through the filter of fear?

It was around the same time that I posted the second part that I became aware of a fellow name Aug Tellez who earlier this year began talking about talking about his experiences in the MKUltra program. At the age of nine he was “mentored” within the MKUltra program by a secret society member. This entailed trauma based mind control and began with sensory torture via sound, sights and sensations, and leading to sexual torture to ultimately fracture the consciousness into several distinct personalities.

There is so much that Aug has to share Including the following list from his website Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling:

But probably the best introduction to Aug is to hear his story from his own mouth.

So in conclusion, I’m writing this not only for myself to help me gain clarity, but also for those that have been abused and taken advantage of over the years in the hope that it may hold some answers for them.

We are living in very extraordinary times and many people like Aug are coming out and sharing their experiences in order for humanity to fully comprehend that we have been lied to about EVERY aspect of our lives. In saying this, once the truth becomes exposed, the answer as what to do next lies inside each of us. It is time to get out of our minds and let that quiet voice within us all, the spirit/soul/whatever you call it, guide us on our way.