Has ANZAC day reached its used by date?

So here we are again on another ANZAC day. I have to admit that it’s another one of those days that I’m not very comfortable about. For what is the true purpose of it and has it reached its used by date. I hear a lot of the bravery and horrific conditions that the volunteers in WW1 went through and the absolute disregard they were held in by the “leaders” dictating their fate and simply used as pawns to be slaughtered (as was shown in the mini-series Deadline Gallipoli). For these men I have the utmost compassion as they were simply uninformed young men who thought they were actually fighting a real enemy.

Shift now to the 2015 Information Age, do we any longer have the luxury of allowing these modern stage-managed conflicts to be cloaked by the mystique of the ANZACS. People, and often the same people, finance and arm these conflicts to make money, secure resources, overthrow governments, and steal artefacts. It has nothing to do with what Bush Jr. said, something along the lines of “they hate us because of our freedoms”. What utter BS.

What I see is that by melding what occurred in WW1 with present day conflicts, people tend to see them in the same light. The nett affect is that these conflicts continue without any scrutiny and the lies and myths continue.

Here is a quote from a high ranking officer in Deadline Gallipoli which is still valid to this day.

“War correspondence are a dying breed, in future we won’t need your kind. The government will simply tell people what it thinks is conducive towards winning the war. If truth is good for the war we will tell them the truth. If a lie is likely to win them the war, we will tell them lies.”