You Are Not The Legal Name

Well it’s been quite a journey since my last post. To sum it up I would say that I have come to the realisation that the world we live in, with its social structures that we have come accustomed to, are quite different than what they appear. This came about after listening to Kate of Gaia whose website contains all her writings journaling her journey from a “Freeman” to the unlimited god spark that she is, that we all are.

Whilst I had already come to the conclusion that all countries are in fact corporations and that the persona of a person was the interface given to the living flesh and blood man, for which all these thousands of statutes have been written for. What I hadn’t fully appreciate was that through the birth registration process (a further exploration of the Birth Certificate’s history, dating back to the 1500s can be found here ), the name (or more specifically a derivative of it), given to us by our parents was GIFTed to the Crown Corporation and has become copyright protected.

From Black’s Law dictionary 9th edition it states the following:

gift, n. (12c) 1. The voluntary transfer of property to another without compensation. [Cases: Gifts 1.]2. A thing so transferred. gift, vb.

And this, also from Black’s Law dictionary 9th edition:

gamete intrafallopian transfer. (ca. 1984) A procedure in which mature eggs are implanted in a woman’s fallo­ pian tubes and fertilized with semen. – Abbr. GIFT. Also termed gamete intrafallopian-tube transfer. Cf. ZYGOTE INTRAFALLOPIAN TRANSFER; ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION; IN VITRO FERTILIZATION.

Further understanding about the theft of the family is described in an old book from 1860s titled The Sire Name Fraud. In the following video Kate reads from a document created by Rena after she read this book. You can also read along here

To further illustrate why we are not the legal name or body Kate describes it in the document in the following manner:

  1. Mum and Dad were the “contractors” that “built” the body you are currently living in and thinking belongs to you: it doesn’t.
  2. Mum and Dad (typically) NAMED the BODY that YOU would eventually inhabit in the first breath that the “body” inhales to activate the “trees of life/lungs” which starts the chain reaction activating the consciousness within the body…that’s YOU, the real you. You are NOT the body, you are the driver in the same way as one would get in a car and drive it: the car doesn’t move without you.
  3. Mum and Dad REGISTERED and SURRENDERED the BODY they created and named and gave the CROWN CORPORATION the G.I.F.T via the joinder contract called LEGAL NAME. The CROWN is in contract with them, not you, but the contract is carried to YOU via third party interloping when YOU also AGREE that the LEGAL NAME is YOU.

But mum and dad gave me my name to use so why can’t I use it? I used to think the same way. In the following video listen for yourself where Steve phones up a Lawyer to discuss copyright law.

So that is why if you are to go to court you are encouraged to get yourself an attorney. Why, because their BAR card grants them copyright access to all Crown Copyright owned legal names.

And they don’t care what legal name either. They just want to attach a legal name to a body. In this video Pete’s “legal advisor” verifies this. To quote him:

“Any name will be attached to a person. It doesn’t matter if it’s the right name or not.”

Pete also shared his story on Kate’s radio show and the extracts of which can be heard at

Living ones life without using a legal name seems daunting from the outside, and looking at it from the programmed perspective that we all grow up in, it would appear that way. Everything we do seems to ask for an ID of some sort so can we live in this world. This is where the website comes in as it has many of the answers to frequently asked questions. Some extra tips can be heard in this video.

Every day more and more people around the world are standing in this truth with many having their own feather brushes similar to Pete. But what you will find is that each experience will be unique. Many have come from the “Freeman” perspective where it was all about the fight, and standing up for what is right. The unfortunate thing is that this approach tends to bring into your life those very souls willing to take on an oppositional role. ie Exactly what you have consciously or unconsciously attracted. The alternative is to simply stand in your truth and do no harm.

Here are some examples of people following this peaceful path and the interactions they are having:


Ivan describes his experience with Kate


This journey to lose the legal name can be a slow process. For depending on how long you have graced this earth, you may have decades of indoctrination to overcome. That’s why it is critical to take your baby steps and remember that it can get overwhelming. So stop your mind chatter and simply breathe.