What’s Next

About four months ago I first came across the Flat Earth theory. I was curious, and since I have now reached the point where I really don’t know the truth about anything anymore, I thought why not listen in and see where it goes. After coming across some less than convincing proponents of this theory, I found Eric Dubay’s The Atlantean Conspiracy website, Youtube channel and forum which had me questioning everything about our plane/t and where it fits in the grander scheme of things. I wont go into any of this research for this article as the above links are enough to get anyone started on their own journey. My own personal leanings are towards it being flat as the explanations I’ve heard, along with my own observations, lead me to this conclusion. But at the same time I am also open to it being a globe as I am not vested in either. But what I am curious about is why is it that this year, talk about the Flat Earth has come out completely from left field?

One of the things that I have come to learn is that before any changes take place that may affect our rights or liberties, notice has already been given by the powers that were. These may be in the form of legislation being gazetted, articles/books written and movies/tv shows/advertisements being made. With is this in mind I was recently watching on YouTube from The World Beyond Belief where the host Paul W.Marko was taking about “The Flat Earth/Globe Earth Deception”.

The following are a few clips that Paul highlights that may be implying reference to a Flat Earth. The first was from a 1981 TV show Barney Miller.

The following is a Taco Bell advertisement.

Whilst not on the topic of the Flat Earth, here is another interpretation of this same advertisement where the sybolism is looked at it more detail.

Back to Paul Marko, he then hypothesises how the revelation that the earth is in fact flat, would be revelled to humanity.

What these shows also have in common is a hidden walled living environment which gets discovered and then have the characters breaking through to the other side. The Truman Show, Wayward Pines, The Dome, The Maze Runner, Divergent series, all with similar scenarios. So once the wall is overcome and we on the other side, what’s next?