Immunization is Happiness: a dream

I woke up this morning after having this dream. It was set in a supermarket where I was reading through a broadsheet looking for a second hand lawn mower. Flicking through I came to the centre and across the whole double page was a story about vaccines, the top third was a photo, the lower half was the news print and in between was a large heading. I don’t recall it all but I do remember the words “Immunisation is Happiness”. As I read the title I said out loud, ‘bullshit’. A fellow was next to me who asked, “what is?” “This story” I said, “it ignores the fact that all you need is to detoxify the body, drink clean water, eat nutritious food, and allow the body to look after itself.” Then a woman near by joined in the discussion and we spoke how having a response from an adjuvant was quite different to the body’s immune response to something like wild measles. The discussions were quite cordial and no one was getting upset. It was like I was back in the good ‘ol days when people could have different opinions and no-one got triggered. Where people weren’t threatened, simply for having a different view about how they would like to live their own lives. Then I realised I was back in my bed and it was only a dream.

I’ve always been reticent in getting too involved in the vaccine debate because inevitably it gets down to this study and that study, and to be honest, my brain just isn’t big enough to remember them all. That is why I prefer the kiss principle.

We are born with an immune system that is in place to fight off or help expel anything that is not beneficial to the body. In order to maintain this system, fresh air, exercise, clean water and nutritious food is what the body needs to maintain this. When the body gets out of wack, through the intake of heavy metals, toxic air, dead food and stress, then it needs to be brought back into balance. I’ve listened to numerous successful doctors/practitioners who have reversed cancers, autism, and countless other dis-eases, speak of this as being their starting point. And not only the starting point, but in many cases, is all that is required.

If this is the case, then why the push for so many vaccines. I’m now on the other side of 50 and in all those years, I’ve had about 6-8 vaccinations, with my last one back in the 80’s before I went to Asia for a holiday. I’ve never taken the flu shot and can’t remember the last time I was sick with ‘flu like symptoms’.

So to all you people out there who are so caught up in Pharmaceutical Mysticism, keep your religion to yourself. Inject yourself as much as like, but from those of us who choose, both for ourselves and for those we are guardians for; not to vaccinate, back off.