Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence

I’ve always had an interest in various aspects of health and would often come across information that was not being shared in the mainstream commercial media. Why? As they say, follow the money. Media requires money, and much of this funding comes in the form of advertising from the extremely wealthy pharmaceutical companies whose best interests are not in having healthy vibrant people. Instead they rely on overweight, dehydrated and undernourished people, who are kept busy, misinformed, distracted and most of all, afraid. So what to do?

There are numerous health related topics that I could explore and there are some excellent research and case studies that can be found on the net. But for a while now I’ve been wanting to share some audios and videos which give a different view on the biggest money earner of them all, cancer, and how it can be treated. Before I do I guess I should state that I have no medical background and that everything I share is for informational purposes only and that everyone should take full responsibility for the choices they make in life and do their own due diligence.

So where to start. Well the photo below was published in a popular Australian Women’s magazine last year and is a prime example of the disinformation that is prominent throughout mainstream media.

Cause Cancer

I’m not going to go into any detail about these lists other than to say that cancer comes into existence when the body becomes too toxic. I’ve made my own choices about the types of chemicals I knowingly expose my body to, I’ll leave you, the reader, to research for yourself to likewise make an informed choice.

The following is what The Wonders have to say about the link between chemicals and cancer.

What I have found is that to prevent yourself from getting cancer, or any illness for that matter, you need to cleanse yourself on all levels. That is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Because as Dr Jeremy Ayres is often quoted as saying “You are not sick, you are toxic”. Before I get to Jeremy, here is another video where The Wonders speak on the benefits of cleansing.

In the video they mention the Master Cleanse, the recipe and procedure can be found at

Another video well worth watching is “Cancer is curable NOW”. It is an excellent overview of the system, causes, treatments and outcomes. A great starting point for those new to this topic.

Chris Wark interviewed Valerie Warwick, who quit after 17 years as an oncology nurse realising that good nutrition rather than chemotherapy heals cancer. It has a lot of good information which Chris wrote as notes/links and to his video which can be found here.

Chris Wark himself has had his own journey successfully overcoming cancer. He shares his story as well as interviews on the topic at his blog where he also includes other survivor stories.

So as you can see, cancer is not the death sentence that it is made out to be and that with a change in diet and other lifestyle choices anyone can turn their lives around. I’ll leave the last word to Chris.