Move through the cracks in the wall

I was reading this from Aisha North this morning and I was reminded how much I have been hitting that wall. Whilst the Corporations/Governments have been foreclosed on, it will take some time before the system winds down. Focusing on the this fact and all the fear inducing activities going on will not stop it. As she states

“…it is the eyes of the beholder who define the ”reality”. And so, if you choose to keep staring into the wall, then the wall will keep you captivated for a very long time ahead indeed. But if you choose to shift your focus, and run out and join all of those free spirits already savouring the sweet air of freedom, your reality will also follow suit. So again we say, be careful with what you attach yourself to, for the glue that keeps you in place now is a very strong one indeed. So make sure that you let yourself have the freedom of being glued to the brighter parts of this world, for they do exist, and they are getting brighter and lighter by the day.”

“And remember, the walls will not fall down any faster if you insist on trying to punch them down by focusing your whole power on them. These walls will fall the minute you step outside them. So give yourself the freedom to do just that, for by deciding to stay cooped up inside the remnants of this old fortress, you are only making it stand just that much longer, and this will not help you, nor the rest of mankind. You are here to break through the walls by letting go of the fear that helped to keep you imprisoned behind them, and this you cannot do by being unable to let these walls fall from your attention. So let go of any thoughts of being a battering ram that will force these last pieces of brickwork down. That is not your role, your role is to fly over these walls with your beautiful wings of freedom, and the moment you take to the air and lift yourself off from these old grounds, you will make the walls around you crumble into dust. And that is the only way to ensure that this old prison will not be standing a moment longer than it was supposed to.”

In the meantime I choose to focus on the cracks of light which have begun to appear. This is what I choose to give energy to.

The One People

Being my first blog I thought what better than to talk about the OPPT. It started back in February when I first came across a story about all governments and and their offshoots being dissolved and that we are all now free to begin afresh. Could this really be so??

I followed some links and came across this interview at The Crowhouse which was my first introduction to The One People’s Public Trust. This trust had 3 trustees who had basically become the front for a whole swag of people who have been assisting them. The main front person has been Heather Tucci-Jarraf whose background has been in the banking system as well as a lawyer.

What they did was, via the UCC, dissolve the Bank of International Settlements, World Banks, and Governments who are themselves corporations. My understanding is that we have been living in a commercial world where everything and everyone has been corporatised, with the our fictional self being at the bottom. Using the UCC, which has been the registry vehicle they have used to keep us all controlled, they have returned the people back to the top so that that there is no longer anything between us and whatever you believe to be your Creator.

The filing documents used in the UCC can be found at

Another good place to start is to listen to the videos at the OPPT-IN radio interviews page. The first one is with Heather. The audio is not the best as Heather’s skype connection isn’t the clearest (she lives in Morocco and all her interviews seem to be affected by the poor quality telecoms there). But it is worth perservering with as she gives some good background to where it began. Also worth listening to are the interviews with the two other (former) trustees Caleb Skinner and Randall Hillner which gives you some understanding as to why they got involved. I say former trustees, as part of the process involved with the filings was to, upon freeing up the people, close it down so as not to be reversed.

Further still, each week there are two internet radio shows on Blogtalkradio that you can listen to . One is called OPPT-IN and plays Tues morning (Aust EST) and the other is The Collective Imagination Wed morning (Aust EST). For more details you can go to the OPPT-IN radio shows page.

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the way the world has been run and over the years have attempted to file the correct paperwork to extract myself from it without success. What the OPPT has done now is provide a solution which is inside the present system.

It is a bit to get ones head around what has taken place and we will just have to see if this really is the change that many have been waiting for.